The Sunrider products are based on basic, proven principles at the forefront of today’s herbal health industry.


At the core of those principles is that YOUR body can and does REPAIR itself.

It does that most effectively IF it is properly fed the right combination of herbal foods.


  1. Nourish + Cleanse = Balance. Our body naturally goes through countless cycles – simple examples being inhaling and exhaling, eating and excreting, nourishing and cleansing. When these are in balance, we enjoy optimal health. Sunrider is OPTIMAL HEALTH.
  2. Use Foods, not chemicals. Supplements such as vitamin pills and protein powders are very popular but our body recognizes foods, not chemicals. Sunrider foods contain NO CHEMICALS OR ISOLATES.
  1. Variety. There is no perfect food. Every food ingredient has positive and negative effects on the body depending on how you prepare, use, and eat them. We need to eat a variety of foods for optimal health. Sunrider expertise ensures that the positive is what you experience. Sunrider is VARIETY.
  1. Formulation and Concentration.We generally don’t always eat as healthily as we should. Many people feel that they need supplements to fill in our nutritional gaps. Sunrider formulates and concentrates a vast variety of herbs in each food product so that the body gets what it needs. Highly concentrated herbal nutrition at the forefront of The Art of Herbal Science

DISCLAIMER: The Sunrider foods are not designed for any form of prescription, diagnosis, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease or condition. No suggestion is made, intended, or should be construed, that every person will share the same results. Every body is different. Results and their degree are a personal experience.