Bump it UP! For a Special Sunrider Weekend

Mar 19, 2020 | Uncategorized

We all like to pamper ourselves at weekends or whenever possible. We all like doing the stuff that we like to do. It doesn’t have to be anything splashy. Maybe it’s just hanging out at home. But what if you were to pamper yourself in a different way? A way that would benefit you beyond that weekend and give you a glimpse of something that you might not have seen for a while – or maybe ever…. HEALTH! When people begin to eat the SR foods consistently and are not sure what they should expect, we often recommend to them that for just one weekend they eat extra Sunrider—to triple or quadruple what they normally do. It gives a snapshot of what it will be like when we have eaten the foods regularly. When they do they often say “Oooh, yeah”, they say, “Now I get what I aiming at.” Depending on their situation, they feel at least better, they feel at least better, and often, FANTASTIC!!! “Now I see where I am going.” So if you are doing say a NuPlus or two each day…. Bump it up to around four or six a day for three or four days.